The representatives of CPPR had an interaction with Prof Dr Klaus Lange and Prof Dr Klara Knapp of Institute for Transnational Studies based in Germany. ITS is an academic organisation which conducts studies on Transnational issues related to Security and Politics and have a wide presence in various countries.

Discussions were held on the various political issues affecting Europe and the way in which India responded to religious and cultural differences. Kerala has set a model in these contexts largely due to the high literacy levels and the larger social and political outlook. CPPR and ITS has decided to engage themselves in various academic initiatives and explored the possibilities of working together in the areas of security and international politics. Chairman Mr D. Dhanuraj, Academic Director,  Prof K.C Abraham, Course Co-ordinator, Mr Antony Dawson DSilva and Team Lead, Mr Madhu.S took part in the interaction and discussions.


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