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April 16, 2012
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April 24, 2012

Traffic diversion for infrastructure developement and Public Policy requirement

After a week’s time of demolition of , it has been announced that the State PWD Minister is going to inaugurate the widening work of Anathakaran Thodu bridge on Tripunithura-Vaikom Road today. Though it was not a surprise for news papers readers as it was widely reported in the media on widening work, I am not sure how diligent the authorities were before they demolished the bridge for a better cause. Most of the traffic were diverted through the mini bypass and some of them through the market road. It resulted in clogging during the peak hours. I had a miserable experience in most of the days as it took more than 20 minutes to cross one Km from Kannankulanagara junction to hospital junction. Another day, I tried the market road which was far better. This experienceprompted me to ask a few questions on the normative of the experiment;

1. Have the authorities studied the traffic pattern and trends before they diverted the traffic?
2. Have they called for a meeting of stake holders like affected parties; business men, traders, road users, pedestrians etc before they went ahead with the diversion plans?
3. Have they published their plans before enforcing them on the general public? Have they received any comments from the stake holders?
4. who is accountable and whom should we contact in case of an emergency on the road diverted? for eg: making way for ambulatory services during the peak hours. have they displayed the contact numbers of the responsible authorities and personnel?
5. Have they published/displayed the work schedule and completion date of the work?

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