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Public Policy Workshop 2015 organised by Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) and Atlas is set to start from 11th November to 14th November 2015. The 10 shortlisted candidates of the CPPR – ATLAS Public Policy Challenge coming from different part of the country will be trained at CPPR Policy House for a 4 day residential training.


Mathew JohnMathew John
Meera Pulickal Rajukumar (cppr)Meera Pulickal Rajukumar
Ranjeet Rane (cppr)Ranjeet Rane
Rohit Mukherji (cppr)Rohit Mukherji
Siddharth Das (cppr)Siddharth Das
Srinjoy Ganguly (cppr)Srinjoy Ganguly
Sojin P Varghese (cppr)Sojin P Varghese
Surbhi Agarwal (cppr)Surbhi Agarwal
Swasti Raizada (cppr)Swasti Raizada
Varsha Poddar (cppr)Varsha Poddar



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