The Right to Information Act was passed by the Indian Parliament in 2005, providing statutory recognition to the citizen’s right to seek information from public authorities. The legislation intends to bring transparency in governmental machinery by encouraging public scrutiny and thereby making the democratic system more active. CPPR is the leading organization active in RTI Act campaigns across Kerala.

The successful implementation of any legislation primarily depends on the level of awareness among the common man. In the context of a proactive legislation like RTI Act, citizens need to be aware on how to file applications and utilize the redressal mechanisms provided in the Act.

The Right to information campaign was launched on 23 January,2006. CPPR has already conducted numerous successful RTI (Act) awareness sessions at government offices, community organizations, cultural groups, self-help groups, resident associations, academic institutions and so on.Some of the objectives of this campaign is to make people aware of the various provisions of the act, train them to file applications and enlighten them on how it can help each citizen of our country.

All the gatherings for our RTI sessions have shown tremendous participation resulting in wide coverage and publicity. We are very delighted to be associated with this consecrated effort, popularly known as the second freedom struggle.

 Friends of Right to Information, launched on 15 November 2008, is a network of RTI volunteer’s across the state. It acts as a platform for volunteer’s interested in campaigning for the cause of RTI. The centre will provide necessary training for interested parties to campaign in their respective working areas and also in rural communities.

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