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Donald Trump is very opportunistic and he goes for what makes a good deal for him. While Barack Obama was a man of thought rather than action, Trump’s style is more action, less thought, said Deepa M Ollapally , research professor, international affairs and associate director, Sigur Center for Asian Studies, George Washington University.

Deepa who was in Kochi on Thursday spoke extensively on the international equation and power play in the US, India and Asia in her talk, `What does Donald Trump’s Victory mean for India’, hosted by the Kochi think-tank, Centre for public policy research (CPPR). “He plans to run his administration as a corporation, largely a top-down approach. Nation building abroad is no longer a priority, it is going to er a priority America first , it is going to be ` approach’. Leaders are reacting and adjusting to him rather than the other way around. His call to Taiwan and Pakistan is indicative of this. He is setting the terms of discourse on how he wants it, what kind of message he wants to send across, his communication skills are as tounding. In the informa tion age, controlling communications is im portant and he is doing just that,“ she said.w government’s foreign po On the new government’s foreign po licy, Deepa said that Trump’s focus will be on Middle East not South Asian terrorism. “Of course, they will focus on Afg hanistan which will be profitable for India. The resetting of relations with Russia will also help India. With Trump, there will be a greater room for Indian autonomy . India must consolidate its development priorities and rise as an economic powerhouse and maintain a balance of power in Asia that it is not China-centric,“ she opined.

“India has to go into a transnationalist mode. Trump is going to act. Probably he will see India as a strategic partner, but at least not now and even many Indians would also prefer a transnationalist approach with the US. At the same time, a large rising power like India cannot rely on another large power like US for security, because all have their own interests.“

“The idea of Make in India is going to clash with Trump’s Make in America.Overall, immigration is going to be among Trump’s top priorities. The Indian software industry might not be as badly affected. He has painted the whole thing in a broad brush. He may find entry of skilled labours required where US needs it and he will be flexible,“ she added.

This article was published in Times of India, Click here to read the article: `Make in India will clash with Trump’s Make in America’

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News Experts: Trump is Opportunist, says Deepa M Ollapally



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