Kerala should discard its redundant laws, says CS

KOCHI: Kerala should discard redundant laws to become a business-friendly state while people should change their negative mindset on making profits, said said Kerala Chief Secretary Jiji Thomson.
He was speaking at a seminar, ‘Ease of Doing Business’ at Kochi’, organised by Department of Industries and Commerce in association with Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC), Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) as part of the upcoming state-level machinery exhibition that is scheduled to begin on January 28.
“Profit is often considered as a negative word in the state which should be changed. Moreover, our local bodies make the procedures complex which disheartens the entrepreneurs. The state should reconsider removing redundant laws after holding a series of brainstorming sessions,” said Thomson.
The event was aimed at obtaining the stakeholders’ views on the simplification of procedures required and to expose them to the best industry practice in other states for a comparative study.

P M Francis, director, Department of Industries and Commerce, said the event was organised as part of the Industries Department’s efforts to bring down the barriers in starting a business.

 “Kerala ranks 17th in the list of states in terms of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in the country. This needs to be substantially improved in order to attract investments.
We have often seen a trend that medium and small scale industries from Kerala shift their operations to the neighbouring states,” he said.

“There is an imperative need to create a business-friendly atmosphere,” he said. Mr. Francis, who delivered the welcome address, also shared a few success stories of entrepreneurs in Kerala.
M Beena, Managing Director, KSIDC, said, “Even though we are a consumer state, we don’t support production. In the backdrop of crisis in Gulf nations, Kerala will soon witness reverse migration and we should be prepared for the same.”

Kerala should discard redundant laws: Jiji Thomson, Onmanorama, January 24, 2016

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