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An Air India Saga… A journey unforgettable !!!

Date: Middle of October, 2011
Time: Evening

Purpose:  Buy air tickets from Cochin to Delhi. I went in search of the cheaper tickets. I wanted to be in Delhi during the first week of November. When I checked different travel websites, I found out that there is not much difference in the price amongst the budget airlines. Since I want to attend the office during the day of the flight, I thought of paying extra few hundreds to book my ticket in Air India Express scheduled for November 2, 2011. The flight is scheduled in the evening around 8 pm and expected to arrive in Delhi at around 11 pm.

<''><”><”>I went to Air India Express website and to buy the tickets. It surprises me that we need a login name and password to book the tickets on this website. Tickets were purchased for my return trip from Delhi to Cochin also. It is scheduled for November 6, 2011. Departure time is at 6.40 in the morning and the expected arrival time is 9. 45 am in Cochin. Immediately, I noticed that there is no web email confirming the ticket being sent. If I want a print out, I can login using user name and password and flash the screen!!
Date: October 28, 2011
Time: Evening

I received a call from Air India office in Kochi. They informed me that both the flights are cancelled. They are ready to credit my account with the ticket charges. Previously, we have a bad experience with Air India where the money was not paid us back for the cancellation of the flights. We lost the money at the end of one year as no one tried to help us from Air India office. Remembering this incident, I asked them to reschedule the flights for me. Finally they came back to me with a new schedule.
Cochin- Delhi on November 1, 2011 at 7 20 am and Delhi – Cochin at 7 pm on November 5, 2011.
Air India informed me that these are Air India flights and not Air India express.
What is next? I thought they would send me an email giving details about the rescheduled timings. But the lady at the other end of the phone told me very politely that there is no provision for sending an email. All of a sudden, I realised that I am in a fix as I don’t have any proof for ticket to enter the airport premises. She told me that I could note down the PNR. I don’t have any other choice but to look for pen and paper.
I kept the paper very carefully for the next one week and I learnt how I could be pious over these matters.

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