Winter School 2013 draw to a close on 31st January with the Valedictory Dinner Hosted by CPPR for Winter School participants from 14 countries. Winter School has been a wonderful journey for the 16 researchers helping them in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding research in a better manner. Shri Christy Fernandez, Former Secretary to the President of India gave the Key note address which was attended by Dr Tom G. Palmer, Vice President, Atlas Network, Prof K.C Abraham, Academic Director of Winter School, members and well wishers of CPPR and the Participants.

In the key note speech, Mr Chirsty emphasised on the importance of innovation in research and the need to understand public policy on a holistic basis. Stressing the importance of research in improving policies and governance, he was lucid in identifying the need for think tanks in India.

Prof K.C Abraham handed over the certificates and mementos to the participants and Prof Antony Dawson, Course Co-ordinator gave the vote of thanks.

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