Impact of Urbanization in Retail Sector– a case study of Textile Shops in  Kochi


The purpose of the study is to quantify the changes contributing to the evolution of textile shops, assessing it against the backdrop of the changes taking place in Kochi. Kochi being a textile hub is known for locations like MG Road, Jos Junction and Broadway which hosts a number of textile shops. Therefore Kochi serves as a suitable location to conduct this study.


Tracing the major players in the textile industry in retail in Kochi bring to us names such as Seematti, Jayalakshmi, KNG Brothers and Ramanika and a few others. Quantifying the changes in the evolution of textile requires information regarding how these textile shops have operated in the past. The history of urbanization in Kochi can be aptly documented through tracing the evolution of textile shops. They evolve responding to the changing needs of a city.


These findings can be placed in the relevant context only if they are studied with relation to the socio-economic changes that have affected Kochi in the past few decades. Factors like the migrant population and changes in transport networks will therefore become inevitable information in order to assess the changes in the meaningfully.


We’re trying focus on the following facts while collecting details.


• Spotting textiles which have been around for 30 to 40 years at the least


• Interviews with individuals and firms to understand the changes in the scale of operation of these textile in the past and present


• Archival information or secondary data regarding data on the demographic changes in Kochi and projects related to urbanization


• Interviews with individuals to documents the socio economic scene in the last 50 years


We request individuals and groups who can help us in tracking the relevant history of Kochi and related information regarding textile industry to get in touch with us and help us complete this project.


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