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The two day Conference on ‘US Rebalance and Asia Pacific’ was organised in a crucial time given the significant developments brought by President Obama’s visit to India recently. The Conference was inaugurated by former NSA Mr. MK Narayanan and witnessed several renowned scholars and thought leaders from India and abroad discussing the various aspects of the theme.

The event was covered by several leading national and international newspapers and television channels. Here are links to a few of them:

ET: http://economictimes. and-nation/us-cannot-counter- china-in-asia-without-indias- support-mk-narayanan/ articleshow/46478494.cms

The Hindu: -paper/tp-national/tp-kerala/ asian-countries-feel-let-down- narayanan/article6968493.ece

The New Indian Express: http://www.newindianexpress. com/nation/Only-India-Can- Stand-Against-China-in-Asian- Region-Ex-NSA/2015/03/06/ article2701170.ece

India TV News: news/india/us-cannot-counter- china-asia-without-india- support-mk-narayanan-48257. html

IBC World News: 2015/03/07/us-cannot-counter- china-in-asia-without-indias- support/

IBN Live: cannot-counter-china-in-asia- without-indias-support-exnsa/ 532398-3.html

Business Standard : com/article/pti-stories/us- cannot-counter-china-in-asia- without-india-s-support-ex- nsa-115030600556_1.html

TOI:  http://timesofindia. cannot-counter-China-in-Asia- without-Indias-supportEx-NSA/ articleshow/46477966.cms

Andhra Vishesh: 378-telugu-headlines-top- stories/48783-us-cannot- counter-china-in-asia-without- india.html

US Viewer : content/8285

Report News Today : us-cannot-counter-china-in- asia-without-indias-support- narayanan/

Greater Jammu: 2015/20150308/national.html

Mozaaf: 519443

EIN News: article__detail/253543471? lcode= LEbZ5LF79oaQiyy3tPXt6ajFZWwL9S VTUZhOTbgsN-8%3D

Defence News: defence-news-internal.aspx?id= 7hm0AwVyWfM=

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