Research to cover 100 colleges and universities across the country

The Lyngdoh Committee report that prescribed guidelines for students’ union elections in colleges and universities caused quite a stir when it was released by the Central Government in 2006. Although it was welcomed by several college administrations, there was wide opposition from student unions that were run by political parties, as one of the main recommendations stressed on the divorcing of mainstream politics from student union elections. The report was implemented in several colleges and universities, while some still remain ignorant of the issue.

Keeping these issues in mind, Liberal Youth Forum (LYF), in association with the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), has decided to conduct a study, wherein it will probe how and to what extent Lyngdoh’s recommendations were implemented and what were the results. The study will feature dialogues with educational authorities and campus leaders to understand how campus politics is conducted.

Five questionnaires were prepared for the study. To take part in the survey, click on the links below.

1.Questionnaire for Students

2.Questionnaire on Eligibility Criteria’s of Student Representatives

3.Questionnaire on Election Grievance Cell

4.Questionnaire for Faculty member

5.Questionnaire on Financial expenditure for elections

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