“Pakistan is economically weak and is failing “says Prof. T. V Paul while he was analyzing his recent controversial book “The Warrior State: Pakistan in the Contemporary world” as a part of the 7th Quarterly lecture, organised by Centre for Public Policy Research. Prof. Paul is James McGill Professor of International Relations in the department of Political Science at McGill University. Paul specializes and teaches courses in international relations, especially international security, regional security and South Asia. He is the author or editor of 15 books and nearly 55 journal articles or book chapters. He said that, in many states across the developing the world, military led regimes have experienced impressive and stable economic growth and over time have evolved into at least partially democratic state. But Pakistan does not adopt it. Prof. Paul explains the reason behind the falling of Pakistan. Irrespective of ineffective regime Pakistan always received massive amounts of aid from all around the word. He used the term “Geo-strategic curse” to explain the situation of Pakistan. He also had a description on the scenario after 9/11 happenings. He also added that India should increase its counter terrorism ability.

Dr. Sebastian Paul was the chief Guest to the lecture and he shared his thoughts on the book. He said that the book is a perfect piece of research. Mr. P.T Thomas, former M.P also commented on the excellence of Prof. Paul’s writing. Prof. K.C Abraham, academic director CPPR initiated the discussion on the book. Mr. Madhu S director of projects CPPR delivered vote of thanks.



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