The book on ‘India-UK Partnership in the Indo-Pacific’ is a compilation of research papers contributed by scholars from India and the United Kingdom. Corresponding to the rise of China, as the Indo-Pacific emerged to be one of the most contested international maritime and strategic spaces in recent years, there have been new geopolitical alignments of forces and factors. Apart from Indo-Pacific strategic issues and concerns, there are critical economic issues and new approaches like the Blue Economy, Smart Port, Green Shipping and maritime transport driven carbon emission challenges. Issues of climate change, ocean health and sustainable use of the seas are now common international concerns and challenges.

This book attempts to capture several layers of the India-UK partnership in the Indo-Pacific Region (IPR). Very senior defence analysts, academics, media experts, researchers, diplomatic experts and strategic thinkers from India and the United Kingdom have contributed well-researched articles to capture the India-UK partnership in the Indo-Pacific. Starting from decoding the ‘Indo-Pacific’ construct to the Indo-UK strategic security partnership to non-traditional security collaboration, the prospect of Blue Economy collaboration, issues of Ocean Governance, 2030 partnership roadmap, and Indo-UK partnership
challenges are captured through scholarly articles.

The book is divided into five segments. The first section of chapters deals with decoding Indo-Pacific Region and Indo-UK partnership and largely focuses on Indo-UK partnership driving factors and synergy prospects. The second section dwells on non-traditional security issues, including cyber-security
collaboration and partnership in the climate change sector. The third section offers Indo-UK partnership and points of convergence pertaining to Ocean Governance while highlighting the diplomatic platform of the G20 and India’s G20 Presidency. The fourth section focuses on the ‘2030 Road Map’, including the Indo-UK FTA prospect, issues of Indian migration to Britain, and issues of how both countries can have meeting points for better partnership. The last section analyses the bilateral partnership in the Indo-Pacific strategic security architecture.

Finally, this book provides in-depth perspectives on the diverse subjects discussed during the Indo-UK Indo-Pacific Dialogue that was jointly conducted by CPPR and the British High Commission, New Delhi, in March 2023. Many of the ideas are under the active consideration of policymakers, academics, researchers and joint working groups who work on the Indo-UK partnership prospect.

The views expressed are those of the authors.


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