Reinventing Cochin C
ycle Rally  on 5th Dec was an occasion to revolutionize  to a new mode of transportation in the city. 350 pedal pushers hit the road for re-inventing the city.  Minister for Transport Jose Thettayil inaugurated the rally at Durbar Hall grounds at 7.30 a.m. and Mayor Mercy Williams flagged off the rally. K.B. Venugopal, Assistant Commissioner of Police, City Traffic (West); Vinu Mohan, actor; and Shamsudeen, District Sports Council member, were also present.The rally made one full circle along M.G. Road, Banerjee Road, Marine Drive, Park Avenue and was back at the DH ground by 9 a.m.

In pursuit of discovering newer ways to energize city life and to help build a ‘people oriented city’ Reinventing Cochin, one of the leading initiatives of Centre for Public Policy Research, organized this campaign. The Rally coincided with the World Pollution Prevention Day and the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009, is aimed at reviving the luster of greenery and the power of easy mobility that Kochi is slowly, but surely losing. This, we believe can be achieved by efficiently integrating cycling into mainstream transportation.

Cycling is one of the most efficient modes of non-motorized transportation system. Cities have realized its multi-faceted potential in being eco-friendly, affordable and healt

hy. Cycling also transcends barriers of class, age and physical ability. It is an expression of freedom. I

t is a symbol of equality and human dignity. It will help Kochi rebrand it self from a disorganized agglomeration into a ‘people oriented’ city. A city for ‘ALL’!!!
Reinventing Cochin Cycle Rally organised  with the support of Corporation of Cochin and  Kochi City Police and NGOs like Green Dream and AIESEC International.Ti Cycles, Red FM, City Silks, Nestle, Levi and K R Bakes were other major partners for the event.

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