CPPR is collaborating with the US Consulate, Chennai, Maker Village and Kerala Start-up Mission for ‘Blockathon for Change’, a hackathon using the blockchain technology to solve the issues faced by migrant labourers. Winners will get cash prizes of Rs. 1.75 lakh and an opportunity to incubate at Kerala Start-up Mission. The window for registration closes on December 9th.


As per a study conducted by the Gulati Institute of Taxation and Finance, the number of interstate migrant workers in Kerala stood at 2.5 million in 2013. The figures are expected to go up, as economies become increasingly dependent on migrant labourers for development in the private and public sectors. It is only fair for the society to ‘give back’ to migrant labourers for their contribution to development, in which they have played a critical role.

‘Blockathon for Change’ aims to bring about innovation-driven ideas to help solve some of the issues our labourers face and tap their potential for greater contribution towards the economy. The solutions will improve the quality of their lives as well as those of their families. Migrant labourers relay development to their home states, thus stretching the impact and outreach of the hackathon.

Blockchain, being a technology that has revolutionised the way economies work and societies behave, governments worldwide have adopted it to radically overhaul governance. The efficacy, trust and security elements of the technology ensure proper data sharing networks between states, and empower migrant labourers in availing themselves of social security benefits, while enabling the state in data management. ‘Blockathon for Change’ will be a platform for tech enthusiasts and problem solvers of the society to come forward to solve the issues from within.

Important Dates for Hackathon

  • November 27: Online registration opens
  • December 9: Deadline for sending in ideas
  • December 13: Announcement of participants for Online Hackathon
  • December 14–16: Online Hackathon
  • December 21–22: Grand Finale at Kochi

For more details, visit: http://blockathonforchange.com/

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