Sudha Nambudiri | TNN | Nov 8, 2016

KOCHI: Students in city colleges believe that Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton has a better chance to win the US presidential election.
According to an opinion poll conducted by a Kochi-based Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) among college students here on the prospective outcome of US Presidential Election-2016, about 70% of the students ‘supported’ Clinton.
When 24% voted in favour of Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, the rest 6% did not have an opinion.
According to students, Clinton’s experience in politics and her calm demeanour could be the determining factors, as opposed to Trump’s unpredictable temperament.
The opinion poll covered about 200 students in four city colleges, namely Maharaja’s College, Sacred Heart College, Bharata Mata College and St Albert’s College.
The aim of the study was to understand the perception of college students on the ongoing US Presidential elections.
The students were given six questions to answer. “We found that there was a general awareness about the polls and since we had earlier conducted some talks and events in SH College and Maharaja’s, it was pretty easy for students to answer,” said Vinny Davies, research associate, CPPR.
The 2016 campaign was noted for its polarized nature. In most cases, personal attacks subsumed serious policy issues.


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