Civitas Urban Solutions in association with Chennai City Connect and supported by Sakthi Foundation, Delhi, is conducting a study on the para-transit system in the city of Chennai.

Para transit systems like shared autos and transit cabs are common in major cities and towns, as they provide suitable transit options for vast population living in such areas. Para transit systems are largely un-utilized and are not a prioritized segment in India, owing to its informal nature. Though they form a part of the informal segment, they are subject to various regulations, and often subject to exploitation. While the government has controlling and regulating mechanisms, they are often ineffective and sometimes unwanted.

This Study aims at raising the status of Para-transit services, formally integrate them into the existing and future public transport system with nurturing and transparent regulations. It also aims to help provide greater choice and improved services to passengers by employing more market-based solutions rather than ad hoc rules and counter-productive regulations. Civitas will be conducting a demand and supply study and will look at global best practices to develop a policy note to de-license and regulate the para-transit sector by September 2011.

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