ADR Centre organised a talk on ‘Changing Trends in Mediation – UK and Indian Perspectives’ at National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi on February 14. Paul Randolph, Accredited Mediator, Lamb Building ADR, was the resource person at the programme, which was attended by law students, mediators, lawyers, psychologists and the media. Randolph is in India as a part of the Indo-UK Trade delegation, which visited Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai.

Randolph is one of the pioneers of the UK mediation fraternity who have a psychological approach to resolving disputes. According to him, all disputes emanate from amygdala, a part of the brain that incites anger and aggression, causing a person to create an issue. This psychological approach is based on treating each individual by understanding the emotional element of the dispute. A good mediator can resolve the issue by connecting with the parties emotionally and psychologically, Randolph said.

The talk was followed by an interaction session, wherein accredited mediators from the High Court of Kerala posed questions on the mediation process in the UK. Most mediators were of the opinion that the Indian legal system lacked a suitable mediation environment and well-trained mediators.

On February 15, ADR Centre organised a one-day mediation training programme at Hotel Renaissance, in association with the Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The participants were explained the concept of mediation with the help of role plays, stressing on the various intricacies of disputes and the ways to tackle them. The session was extremely useful and highly entertaining, as the delegates were involved in the process.

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