‘China Not for Conflict With Neighbours’

KOCHI: At a time when reports are doing rounds regarding the tension prevailing between India and China over the latter’s deployment of submarines in the Indian Ocean, Chinese Ambassador to India Le Yucheng, said that China is not for any conflicts with its neighbours.

“There are no such territorial disputes in Indian Ocean. For China, Indian Ocean is a great corridor for co-operation. It’s not for disputes. We will use this route to cement out co-operation with India. This will prove beneficial for the people from both the countries,” said Le Yucheng, while interacting with media persons after a meeting with Centre for Public Policy Research, here on Monday.When asked whether China will support India’s candidature for a permanent position at the United Nations’ Security Council, Le said that it’s matter which needs research.

“The reason for the impending delay in the fructification of India’s demand is because of the existence of deep division among member nations. An opinion which has evolved is that once the UN is subjected to reform, so as to include India into the Security Council, it may weaken the organisation. It’s a matter which needs a cautious approach along with a well researched strategy,” said the Ambassador.

To a query regarding his opinion on the manner in which the Communist parties are operating in the state and their anti-development approach, Le said that ideologies should never come between progress and while dealing with developmental projects.

“It doesn’t matter which party is ruling, their priority should be to develop the country’s economy and motivate the business environment of their country. The focus should be on development. There is no point in sticking to ideologies if it is against development. That’s the Chinese model of development,” said him.


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