Centre for Public Policy Research in association with Wada Na Thodo Abhiyan, New Delhi organised People’s Manifesto in three Lok Sabha constituencies namely; Ernakulam, Kottayam and Thiruvananthapuram as a run up to General Elections 2009. Political Party leaders and gerneral public attended these events. Development issues related to the respective constituencies were debated in these programmes. Noted politicains like  Sharatchandra Prasad (Cong I), T V Abraham (Kerala Congress),  K Anil Kumar (CPI (M), C Radhakrishnan (BJP) are a few who attended these events. People’s Manifesto for the constituencies were prepared thereafter and presented to general public, poiltical parties and media. These programmes are organised as a part of All India People’s Manifesto campaign organised by Wada Na Thodo Abhiyan with the support of LeadIndia 09.



People’s manifesto for Ernakulam constituency can be read here

People’s manifesto for Kottayam constituency can be read here

People’s manifesto for Thiruvanathapuram constituency can be read here



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