The Second Quarterly Lecture Series of Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) had Dr Alexander Lennon, Chief Editor of Washington Quarterly speak on “The Real China Challenge”. The Lecture was chaired by Mr P.K Hormis Tharakan, IPS, Former RAW Chief and presided by Cultural Affairs Officer, Ms Shanna Dietz Surendra; Prof K.C Abraham, Academic Director of CPPR and Mr D.Dhanuraj, Chairman of CPPR . Dr Lennon talked on US- China friendship which he considered negative due to the issues raised by China on global warming and climate change. China has emerged as a big alternative power to Britain and USA who even helped Europe to avoid financial crisis.

According him, China was more interested in an export driven economy with its attempt to make Chinese Currency Yuan an alternative to US Dollar. Dr Lennon detailed on the various ways in which China was positioning itself in the global economy through its aggressive trade. However, he informed that China didn’t follow any specific model to be called as a “Chinese Model” to dominate the global economy. Answering to questions raised by the audience which comprised of academic and media personals, Dr Lennon emphasized that China has re-strategized it’s position viz. other countries especially USA and India. China was considered not to push too much on issues related to South China Sea as it wants to have trade with other countries. The current leadership of China which was replaced recently is however not in favour of any change, he concluded. Mr P.K Hormis Tharakan wrapped up the discussion which was followed by Vote of Thanks by Mr D.Dhanuraj, Chairman, CPPR.

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