ADR mechanisms have been mooted as the remedy for the pendency of cases, in our courts. However, the existing ADR mechanisms like arbitration and conciliation are largely used for commercial purposes. It is also observed that these measures have delivered only for a few marginal section of litigants and haven’t served the purpose of the masses. In this context, CPPR wishes to explore the possibilities of taking ADR to the under-privileged masses.

Above all, the Centre wants to garner public participation in the process like involvement of non-judicial local persons as facilitator’s / conciliators. However, the challenge lies in insulating such a mechanism and making it accommodative, fair and transparent so as to gain the faith of masses.

The efforts to make the benefits of ADR to the masses commenced in January 2008. A panel discussion on ‘Taking ADR to the Common Man’ was conducted to this effect on 22 November 2008 and Indian Law Institute, New Delhi which was attended by eminent personalities of the legal fraternity.

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