A PDS Discussion (May 23)
One could see long queues these days not only in front of the BEVCO outlets but also in front of the Ration Shops (PDS). As a public policy researcher, I was curious to understand the reasons for such a long tail in front of these shops. I could see people come by car (even in premium cars) and two- wheelers and stand in the line holding an umbrella (it was drizzling at that time). I talked to a few and got a mixed response. Some of them believe that it is their right to buy ration when the provisions are given free by the government; some are not sure about their income in the coming months, hence, storing it in case of adverse situations; some people want to buy these provisions to acknowledge and thank Chief Minister and the Kerala Government for their excellent work; some think it is a superb work of the Prime Minister and the Union Government and so particular not to give room for the State machinery to sell them in the black market later; some others believe that nothing should be wasted when it is offered free. It was not a properly conducted survey but was based on spontaneous conversations. At the outset, these pictures give me some serious questions to ponder over in the next research. Are we stuck in a Paternal State syndrome in Kerala or is the so-called Kerala model a chimera? Is the economy bound to collapse with the growing State dependence?

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D. Dhanuraj
D. Dhanuraj
Dr D Dhanuraj is the Chairman and Managing Trustee of CPPR. He holds a PhD in Science & Humanities (Anna University), MSc Physics (Mahatma Gandhi University) and MA Political Science (Madras Christian College). He also holds a Post Graduate Executive Diploma in International Business from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai, and has undergone training by TTMBA of Atlas USA, IAF Germany, FEE USA, etc. His core areas of expertise are in urbanisation, urban transport & infrastructure, education, health, livelihood, law, and election analysis. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on Twitter @dhanuraj

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