September 21, 2022

National Logistic Policy is a right step towards a well-integrated, efficient Freight System

India has a growing logistics sector representing 5% of India’s Gross Domestic Product and employing 2.2 crore people. India has the second largest road network in the world through which 68% of the freight movement happens along with a well-functioning […]
September 21, 2022

Is South Pacific the new theatre of China-US Rivalry?

The predominance of nation-states in the 21st century is the continuation of a trend set by   ‘archaic globalisation’, dating back thousands of years. Shipping routes and natural resources which were primary reasons back then, continue to hold high importance […]
September 15, 2022

Floods will continue to inundate India’s unplanned city development

The recent floods in Bengaluru was a result of an unplanned infrastructure, developed by flouting the laws in city governance, and by disregarding the building capacity to tackle the challenges of urbanisation. In recent years, the paucity in programming and the lack […]
September 6, 2022

Challenges in Geospatial Information Management

As a democratic nation, India has persistently looked at means to comprehend social and economic challenges with the aim of building an equitable society. This democratic character has steered India to consider geospatial tools as an important development to track […]
September 5, 2022

Future Trajectories of the Indo-Pacific

The very definition of the Indo-Pacific is equally puzzling and one that is still very much in its infancy. Looking at the possible tangents in which discussion surrounding what constitutes the Indo-Pacific geographically and what are the core issues to […]
September 5, 2022

Future Prospects of India-Africa Energy Ties

by Latika Adlakha The West was left aghast when India decided to abstain from picking a side during the Russia – Ukraine war. Owing to the drop in Russian oil prices during the war, India ramped up its imports of […]
August 30, 2022

Intelligent Cooling for Intelligent Systems: Addressing Datacentre Outage

Datacentres field enormous quantities of data each day, unceasingly engaged in the transfer, storage, and processing of personal, commercial, scientific and governmental data. The emoticon that pops up on a WhatsApp message, that image of Cristiano Ronaldo accessed by his […]
August 22, 2022

The Failed Ideas of Waste to Energy Plants in India

Worldwide spurious debate on climate change issues and the rising temperatures, global cooling, pollution, contaminations of land, air, water, waterbodies, a decrease in the groundwater table, and hazardous chemicals became irreversible forces in the era of the globalised world.  The […]
July 25, 2022

Kerala draft rules on labour codes: Does it liberalise women’s economic opportunities?

Over the past several years, the female labour force participation in Kerala has improved but it still lags behind compared to men’s participation in the labour force. According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) data in 2018-19, the labour […]
July 23, 2022

Equidistant Diplomacy Drives Vietnam’s Foreign Policy

The US-China competition is getting more acrimonious and the Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Yi may have put the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) nations on call. In his address at the ASEAN secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia, Yi cautioned the […]
July 22, 2022

Evolving Landscape of Regulatory Overlaps in Ed-tech

by Kalyani Balagopal and Nissy Solomon The last two years have shown us that education can transcend from its traditionally slow-moving structure to a dynamic hybrid system. If there’s anything the pandemic has been able to teach us, it’s that […]
July 21, 2022

Lulu Mall Midnight Sale | Kerala’s consumerist culture is speaking. Is the State listening?

Though the amendments in the Kerala Shops & Establishment Act permit 24X7 shopping, the ecosystem has not evolved due to the lack of transport options and support from the State. Here, the market is trying to find its own feet […]
July 9, 2022

Vietnam Modernizes Maritime Militia

Aggressive posturing by the Chinese maritime militia and their proclivity to engage in gray zone operations has triggered a chain of reactions and responses by the South China Sea claimant States. One such manifestation is the Vietnamese investments in modernisation […]
July 9, 2022

Abe is gone, but his legacy will live on

The longest serving head of the state, Shinzo Abe had made an immemorial mark on Japan’s foreign policy and economic strategy popularly known as “Abenomics”. The 67-year old led his party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to victory twice in the […]
July 8, 2022

Beyond the sustainability angle: The strategic acumen of India’s Arctic Policy

The New Arctic Policy released in March 2022 is undoubtedly a landmark as far as India-Nordic and Indo-Russia relations are concerned. “India and the Arctic: Building a Partnership for Sustainable Development” is a policy which primarily addresses strengthening India’s scientific […]