September 24, 2021

Kerala needs to raise its own bar of transparency in service delivery

The LDF Government who retained power in the state after a historic victory had claimed that ‘Transparency’ is the hallmark of left governance. In Kerala’s fight against the COVID pandemic, transparency has been the state’s biggest weapon against the deadly […]
September 23, 2021

Black Death & Renaissance: Post Covid-19 Social Restructuring

Introduction  Historically, pandemics have been devastating. As we experience several waves of the current pandemic, more and more literature on the history of pandemics is emerging to help us reflect on how economies, social structure, labour market as well as […]
September 20, 2021

Will Uttar Pradesh be writing Mayawati’s destiny in 2022 ?

The era of 1990s saw the rise of a woman from the Dalit community, named Mayawati, in one of the largest, most populous and “caste ridden” state of Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati succeeded the political ground prepared by the founder of […]
September 15, 2021

China’s Vaccine Diplomacy Requires Sophistication

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, and through the period of the development of vaccines, China has made numerous commitments to provide vaccine to developing countries across the globe. According to “China COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker”, as on […]
September 14, 2021

COVID-19 & Negative Population Growth Fear: Reflections on Global Demographic Changes

Introduction On 31 May 2021, the Chinese Communist Party explained its decision to allow families to have three children by citing the need to “keep China’s natural advantage in human resources.”  Many scientists already fear de-population in the long term […]
September 11, 2021

Logging into Online Higher Education v 2.0

Old is gold is a popular adage. But old giving way for new is a perennial reality. The traditional brick-and-mortar classroom-based education is now passé, at least among a large segment of the higher education sector, which have bet their […]
September 4, 2021

The changing tides of Punjab politics

The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), which was the oldest ally of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), exited from the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) on 26 September 2020 over the three controversial farm laws. The SAD’s member in the Union […]
September 3, 2021

Afghanistan could be biggest puzzle in Asian geopolitics

As the Americans left Afghanistan, the Taliban were seen in gunfire celebrations of their victory. Gun-toting Taliban fighters moving around in American vehicles and American uniforms, the future of Afghanistan is acutely chaotic. The nature, structure and scope of the […]
September 2, 2021

Skills for Atmanirbhartha

Most innovations are products of human labour, genius and sacrifice. Nothing characterises this than the Covid-19 vaccines produced successfully by the medical community, which surmounted immense challenges in terms of time constraints, and lack of knowledge about the new virus. […]
September 1, 2021

Revised Tamil Nadu Budget for 2021-2022: Self-Inflicted Contradictions without Vision for Clean Governance

The regional economic performances would be taken a serious note on account of the COVID pandemic in India for a meaningful recovery. This is so subtly true not just the handling of general public health crisis erupted due to COVID […]
August 28, 2021

A Tough Terrain Ahead for the Opposition

On the occasion of Martyr’s Day, West Bengal Chief Minister (CM) Mamata Banerjee urged the opposition parties to unite against the Union Government, emphasising that the parties should “forget about self-interest and save the country, save the states and the […]
August 28, 2021

A Hundred Years Ago

August 20, 2021 marked the centenary of the outbreak of what the British historians called the Moplah Rebellion. Today, one would hesitate to use that terminology, though we in independent India are not quite clear as to what is the […]
August 28, 2021

Dealing with the Afghan Refugee Crisis

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, – George Santayana. Two decades later, once again the Taliban are back to helm in Afghanistan, after having usurped power to transform the Republic of Afghanistan into an Islamic […]
August 24, 2021

Vietnam is fast emerging as an important US Foreign Policy Destination

US’ commitment to Southeast Asia is firm and is best demonstrated by two back to back visits. Earlier this month Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III visited Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and now Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Singapore […]
August 19, 2021

Mekong-US Partnership and Vietnam

The second Mekong-US Partnership (MUSP) Ministerial Meeting was held on August 3, 2021 in virtual format and was co-chaired by Cambodian Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The ASEAN Secretary-General was also in attendance. There […]