Centre for Urban Studies

September 2, 2019

Much to cheer about Kochi Metro extension to Thykoodam

Dr D Dhanuraj Chairman, CPPR comments in a news article published in The New Indian Express related to the Metro extension to Thykoodam The service will help people avoid the traffic snarls at  Vyttilla, Elamkulam and Kadavanthra In two days, […]
August 31, 2019

Kochi tram project gets a fillip, but apprehensions remain

In a article published in The New Indian Express D Dhanuraj, chairman, Centre for Public Policy Research, comments in Kochi the Bus Rapid Transit System will work. While the Water Metro Project focuses exclusively on West Kochi, trams along the […]
August 28, 2019

TRIPS Agreement and Challenges

Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement is a framework which brought a unified Intellectual Property standard across the globe. It is a complementary standard to the existing WTO regime, and tries to accommodate GATT principles in its text. […]
August 27, 2019

MG Road needs creative solutions to save business

Merchants Blame Lack Of Adequate Parking Space For Loss Of Business MG Road is no longer the shopping destination it once used to be, and merchants are blaming it on the ‘lack of adequate parking space’ for the loss of […]
August 27, 2019

GST has made tobacco products only marginally costlier

Before the introduction of GST, many States levied value added tax (VAT) on the price inclusive of excise duty. With the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) in 2017, all tobacco products — cigarettes, bidis and smokeless — attract the […]
August 27, 2019

Estimated impact of the GST on tobacco products in India

Abstract Objective To examine the potential impact of the goods and services tax (GST) on price, consumption and tax revenue from tobacco products in India and across states. Methods Data on prices, tax rates and tax revenue are used to estimate a […]
August 27, 2019

Why Kochi’s own MG Road losing is business activity? | #CityBeats

City Beats Video Series dissects Urban Issues from CPPR researcher’s perspective. Be it a pothole or a broken flyover, what we see are just symptoms of deeper public policy issues. This time we talk about why Kochi’s own MG Road […]
August 26, 2019

Refugee Resettlement: Humanitarian Governance vs the Politics of Refugee Protection

The term ‘Refugee’ is one that is often misrepresented in political discourse. As per the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), a refugee is a person fleeing armed conflict or persecution. The situation in this person’s country of origin […]
August 26, 2019

India and Japan: Growing Partnership and Opportunities for Co-operation

This e-book is a compilation of the papers presented by the speakers during a two-day International Conference, curated around the theme ‘India and Japan: Growing Partnership and Opportunities for Cooperation’, organised by CPPR – Centre for Strategic Studies, Kochi in […]
August 26, 2019

Kerala needs to raise bar in disaster resilience: US expert

Governments across the world are looking at building resilient structures to counter the destruction caused by sudden change in climate triggered by nature and human interferences. “We, in the US too face disasters, which lead to loss of life and […]
August 24, 2019

Anti Defection Law: Role and Relevance in India | CPPR Political Observatory

CPPR Political Observatory is a video series which focuses on recent issues in India in the context of politics and governance.This episode will discuss the relevance of anti-defection law in the light of recent Political controversy in Karnataka.
August 20, 2019

Bus Day 2.0 will start in November

News article published in The New Indian Express related to ‘Kochi Public Transport Day’, a year-long campaign initiated by the Centre for Public Policy Research in January 2018. As part of this campaign third Wednesday of every month would be […]
August 19, 2019

Event Report: America with Kerala Kochi Workshop

Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), Kochi with support from the U.S. Consulate General in Chennai and Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) organized a three-day event in Kochi from July 23–25, 2019, as part of a four-month project to […]
August 17, 2019

In-house talk on “Political Economy of Kerala’s Fiscal Stress” by Dr Jose Sebastian

CPPR-Centre for Comparative Studies organised an in-house talk on “Political Economy of Kerala’s Fiscal Stress”, delivered by Dr Jose Sebastian, a seasoned writer and a retired senior faculty from Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation, on August 8, 2019 from […]
August 16, 2019

Strengthening India’s Bond Market

The bond market in India is still not completely developed, even after several committees being formed throughout the years to augment the bond market. This means that the bond market is unable to share the credit burden that the banking […]