‘Rafale Aircraft: Untold Story–Part III’, written by Cdr Jayakrishnan N Nair (Retd), elaborates on the avionic embedded systems on board the fighter aircraft.

Cdr Jayakrishnan N Nair (Retd)

The exchange of vital information across dedicated captive network would facilitate tactical decision making at the appropriate level. Network centric operations play a major role in the present day military warfare. Mapping of the movement of space craft ‘Chandrayan II’ all the way to the Moon shows how we can monitor and control remote operations. Armed forces conduct similar operations by controlling their weapon platforms from their respective war rooms.

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Cdr. Jayakrishnan N Nair
Cdr. Jayakrishnan N Nair
Commander Jayakrishnan N Nair (Retd) is Senior Fellow (Defence and Military Analysis) with the CPPR Centre for Strategic Studies. His research areas are focused on bringing Artificial Intelligence in embedded military systems.

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