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For any Lok Sabha elections, Uttar Pradesh (UP) is a crucial state, comprising the largest number of seats and one of the largest electorates. The western part of the state, popularly known as UP West or Paschim Pradesh, is markedly different from the other divisions of the state. The region comprises vast swathes of agricultural lands, growing sugarcane and potato, which co-exist with parts which have witnessed exponential economic growth because of the region’s proximity to Delhi and the National Capital Region. Similar to the past elections, it seems that UP will be a prized catch and will make an interesting contest.

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Anupama Ghosh
Anupama Ghosh
Dr Anupama Ghosh is Senior Research Associate and the Internship Co-ordinator at CPPR. She holds a PhD in History from the University of Delhi. She can be contacted by email at and on twitter @anupama86ghosh

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