Rebuilding Kerala: Govt turns to public, seeks ‘smart ideas’ for state planning
September 18, 2018
Plan to have buses with fewer seating capacity
September 24, 2018

Do we have an answer for Kerala’s food inflation?|കേരളത്തിലെ ഭക്ഷ്യവിലപ്പെരുപ്പത്തിന് നമുക്കൊരുത്തരമുണ്ടോ?

The article throws light on the short-sightedness of Supplycos’s objective to control prices of essential commodities The market share of Supplyco is also very low as the volume of sales through Supplyco outlets is very less in comparison to the total consumption of the household staple commodities like rice and coconut oil in the State. For example in case of coconut oil, Supplyco sold an average of 49.91 lakh litres of coconut oil from 2012-17, while the total demand for consumption in Kerala is 1984.39 lakh litres. Thus, Supplyco contributes a mere 2.52 per cent towards the state’s consumption. Considering these facts, it is time to think for better alternatives than the Supplyco model in meeting the objective to control rise in prices of essential commodities.

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*Nimish Sany is a Research Assistant at CPPR. 

Nimish Sany
Nimish Sany
Nimish Sany was a Research Assistant at the CPPR Centre for Comparative Studies.

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