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‘Khadi’, derived from the word ‘Khaddar’, refers to handspun and handwoven fabric produced in the regions of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The process of producing Khadi is characterised by the human element that goes into the handmade processes of spinning and weaving. The All India Khadi and Village Industries Board was established in post-Independent India. It later became the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) a statutory body established under the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME). The role of KVIC and its functions as envisioned by the KVIC Act, accords the organization the mantle of being a facilitator and playing a supportive role in promoting Khadi production and sale. 

However, the regulatory framework of KVIC restricts the opportunities for open market sale of Khadi products. These regulations restrict the weavers/producers from accessing the global market. There is a need to go global and revitalise Khadi and associated industries by leveraging the potential offered by rural India.

Unlock Khadi

Revisiting legal provisions to create uniformity in processes for Khadi Institutions and new entrants to the sector

Regulate Not Restrict

Easing restrictive provisions to facilitate operations of khadi businesses 

Local to Global

Promoting use of e-commerce channels for the sale of Khadi products

Khadi sector related reports and papers

Khadi sector related articles

About #UnlockKhadi

CPPR has been conducting research on the Khadi sector since 2016. An extensive evaluation of the sector conducted by Dr. Lekshmi Nair and Dr. D Dhanuraj, revealed glaring gaps in the existing regulatory protocols and the challenges faced by new entrants to the sector. The regulations were intended to help promote khadi but have in turn inhibited its growth. It occupies a miniscule share in India’s textile exports.
The current regulations in the sector have restricted Khadi from being accessible globally. #UnlockKhadi’ campaign aims to advocate for positive reforms and to provide decision makers with recommendations to explore e- commerce, which could increase the global sales of Khadi.
Khadi holds historic value and is a symbol of India’s freedom struggle Hence, it is important that we preserve this dying art of handspun-handwoven fabric.


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