Certificate Course Programmes
The Certificate Courses offer beginner to advanced level programmes on Strategic Studies, Urban Reforms, Education, Health, Political Economy and others. These curated courses are a mix of live courses as well as self-paced, pre-recorded courses enabling the participants to learn at their convenience. Upon completion of the course and assessment of the participants' learning levels, a course completion certificate would be awarded.

Through these courses, participants can:
  • Identify problems and scope for policy intervention
  • Analyse and evaluate the need and impact of policy interventions
  • Explore institutional mechanisms and policy constraints
  • Pragmatic assessment of unintended consequences

How do we deliver?
  • Through simple, jargon-free content and using illustrations and data, our courses provide a holistic understanding of public policy.
  • The programmes are a blend of live classes and recorded sessions, with assignments and continuous assessments designed to foster a Socratic learning ecosystem.
  • Our faculty comprises eminent researchers, policymakers and practitioners.
  • Every course will be unique in terms of content and delivery and act as a platform for like-minded leaders to network.