Startup Entrepreneurship 101
Course Description
The Startup Entrepreneurship 101 course offers a concentrated learning experience on the creation, assessment, improvement, and dispatch status of a business or social endeavor. Through this course the participants will figure out how to evaluate the business and market allure for their venture idea, understand the critical road maps and procedures, foster practical items and administrations, focus on client acquiring techniques for early foothold and create full budget summaries. The program will use related work tasks to help the improvement of the new pursuit and give numerous entrepreneurs confidence, in spite of the risk of failure. From an idea into an opportunity, various sessions of the course will cover topics like ideation, market research, planning and team building to strategic implementation. It will help participants understand the current business environment in Kerala and the strategic approach required to establish a business in the real-time regulatory ecosystem in the state. The course will teach entrepreneurs to gauge the company’s financial health and analyse the relative strengths and weaknesses of several financing strategies to enable them to make informed and strategic business decisions.

Course Objectives
  • To ensure that participants learn the knowledge and skills they need to form independent opinions and make informed decisions about wealth creation
  • To enable participants to reflect on their own situation, recognise and meet their own responsibilities to society and play an active role in social and political processes
  • To impart pragmatic and tangible guidance on the current start-up ecosystem to empower participants with best practices for different stages of the start-up development process
Course Benefits
By the end of the course, you will:
  • Be equipped with the systems, processes and structures needed to make and dispatch their new startup.
  • Have an understanding of the rudimentary requirements of business and development to enable you to prevail in the present unique market.
Application Process and Eligibility

All the mandatory categories in the application form must be filled in order for an application to be considered. Further details are provided in the application form.

Anyone with a 0–2-year-old venture based in Kerala can apply for the course. The final participants will be selected based on a screening process to identify suitable candidates. The selected participants will have to attend all the sessions of the course.