Start-up Entrepreneurship 101


Explore your entrepreneurial psyche with CPPR’s virtual bootcamp on Start-up Culture & Entrepreneurship. The six hour online training programme offered a concentrated learning experience on the ideation and creation of a for-profit or social endeavor. Through this virtual bootcamp, participants learnt the strategic approach required to establish a business in the real-time regulatory ecosystem of Kerala and foresee the policy-related dimensions. Participants learnt how to assess the business and market allure for their venture idea, understand the critical road maps and procedures, focus on client acquiring techniques for early foothold and learnt to create full budget summaries from the best resource people in the subject area. The virtual bootcamp was concluded with an Elevator Pitch Competition; all participants of the bootcamp were challenged to give their best Elevator Pitch; from the entire cohort 8 were shortlisted to compete in the final round.


Winners of the Elevator Pitch Competition:

First Prize:

Mohammed Rishan NK

For his pitch on a voice amplifying mask, to reduce vocal strain on the wearer

Second prize:

Vinayak Sankar

For his pitch on Rove, an app to easily track local transport services

Third prize:

Sayanth K S

For his pitch on Surf, to connect local tourist attractions with a network of electric vehicles

Elevator Pitch Competition – Winners

Course Mentors

Rajesh Nair

Associate Partner, Markets,

Ernst & Young

Session: Building Ideas, Opportunities and Businesses

Course Video

Sandip Ghose

Strategic Advisor, (Organisational Development), CPPR

Session: Raising Capital

Course Video 

Dr Saji Gopinath

Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology

Session: Doing Business in Kerala

Course Video

Course Snapshots