CPPR’s Policy Articleship is a six-month (3+3 model) full-time programme that is designed as an intensive hybrid model offering hands-on experience to candidates in the areas of policy research and strategic initiatives. This combined role will provide you with the first-hand experience of policy research, policy analysis, policy advocacy and the avenues to engage in assignments with senior management leading strategic initiatives in Communications, Public Relations, Strategy and Fundraising. This unique blend of bottom-up understanding of policy research and top-down strategic management will equip you with highly employable and in-demand skills such as Research Analytics and Insights (RAI), public relations and strategic alliances.

The programme will provide you opportunities to network with policy and subject matter experts such as Senior Fellows, Advisers, Consultants and serve as a platform for peer-to-peer learning enhancing the overall understanding of the public policy domain and its career prospects.

The programme is structured as three months of internship with an opportunity for an extended three-month term as Research Assistant.

In the first three-month term as an intern, you will have the opportunity to engage in various project activities ranging from primary research, secondary research, literature reviews, survey design and execution to policy impact analysis.

Upon selection, the candidates would work under the supervision and mentorship of the Senior Research Associate (SRA) of the centre they are assigned to.

The term extension is a merit-based process and all applicants will have to undergo a structured assessment of the internship assignments. Those selected for the second term as Research Assistants will be eligible for a monthly stipend for a period of three months.

For more information contact: academy@cppr.in

Frequently asked questions

1 What is The Policy Articleship program?
The policy articleship program is a full-time program to gain a holistic and in-depth understanding of the public policy domain. The program follows a 3+3 model wherein the candidate works initially for 3 months as an intern and on the basis of predefined evaluation criteria would be further engaged as Research Assistant for three months.
2Is this a paid program?
The internship module is an unpaid engagement for three months. The second module would be a paid model in which the intern will be given a monthly stipend.
3What is the deadline for the application to the program?
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until August 8th 2020.
4Would I be eligible for a certificate?
An intern certificate would be issued on completion of the internship module. Those candidates who have completed the second module would be issued a Research Assistant certificate.
5What is the location of the articleship?
The candidate can opt to work from home until our office, based out of Kochi, resumes normal operations. Once opened, the base location will be Kochi, Kerala.