SFL Colloquia : “Uberization of the World” at CPPR

Event Start Date:
September 24, 2016
Event End Date:
September 24, 2016
Event Venue:
Centre for Public Policy Research



Uber has been at the forefront of a revolution that is connecting willing parties to transact at far lower costs than the pre-Uber era. The quality of an Uber-ride, the size of of Amazon’s marketplace and the consistently good hotel service by Oyo deserves more than appreciation. It deserves a pause and a thought towards the revolution that is the Uber-economy.

In this colloquium, we will explore the institutions that have allowed the Uberization of the world by exploring the ideas of thinkers like Israel Kirzner, James Buchannan, Frederic Bastiat and Joseph Shumpeter.

The colloquium on this topic will raise questions like: Who is an entrepreneur? What are the institutions that support entrepreneurship? What explains the wide-spread political backlash to Uber? What is the worth of the middlemen in a transaction? Is price gouging immoral? and more!


About SFL Colloquia

An SFL Colloquium (plural: colloquia) is a day-long collaborative, intellectual dialogue about a series of prescribed texts. The main purpose of event is to arrive at a fuller understanding of the ideas in the text, and how they relate to the larger issue of discussion. Colloquia are based on the principles of socratic seminars.

Socratic Seminars are a method of teaching, which, if properly implemented, foster independence, develop excellent reasoning skills, and nurture a sense of the rightness of individual liberty. These seminars significantly increase the participants’ abilities to think for themselves.

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