Event Start Date:
December 22, 2021
Event End Date:
December 22, 2021
Event Venue:

CPPR Book Discussion on Politics and Society Between Elections: Public Opinion in India’s States


Prof Siddharth Swaminathan, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru

Prof Suhas Palshikar, Co-Director, Lokniti (CSDS), Delhi

Moderator: Dr Reetika Syal, Senior Officer, Research, CPPR  


About the Book:

This book highlights and analyses patterns and trends of public opinion on politics and society between elections in India. The book uses survey data covering 24 Indian states including the National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR), with data collection spanning three years from 2016-17 onwards. The thoughts that bind the book together are that Elections are episodic, and governance is routine; and how are these processed built-in into the social and political relationships between citizens and government functionaries. The book also deep-dives into citizen perceptions about the social and political universes that they are a part of, in periods between elections. It examines social attitudes of citizens, friendship ties across social groups, gender roles and relationships; opinions on governance, ease of public service access, the citizen-state interface, and trust in political institutions; and, political attitudes and identity, nationalism, freedom of expression, and populism. This book explores public perceptions of everyday development and governance outcomes that are shaped by how the government functions between elections: how it relates to citizens on a regular basis; how it provides routine public services to them; and how public order is maintained.

About the Speakers:

Siddharth Swaminathan is Professor at Azim Premji University (Bengaluru, India). He received his Ph.D. in political science from the Claremont Graduate University, USA. He has published in Journal of Conflict ResolutionSocial Science and MedicineInternational Interactions, and Economic and Political Weekly among other journals, and in edited volumes. His research interests focus on political demography, public opinion, citizenship, and political development in India.

Suhas Palshikar, based at Pune, has been a professor of political science. He is co-director of programme on comparative democracy, Lokniti, located at CSDS, Delhi, India and chief editor of the journal, Studies in Indian Politics. He has co- edited Party Competition in Indian States: Electoral Politics in Post-Congress Polity, 2014, (with K.C. Suri and Yogendra Yadav) and Electoral Politics in India: Resurgence of Bharatiya Janata Party, 2017, Routledge (with Sanjay Kumar and Sanjay Lodha). His recent publications include, Indian Democracy (2017).