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October 21, 2021
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October 21, 2021
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CPPR Book Discussion on Blinkers Off: How will the world counter China?

Gaurie Dwivedi (Author) in conversation with Sandip Ghose

Discussion Panel

Gaurie Dwivedi: Senior Journalist, Columnist and Author of the Book ‘Blinkers Off, How Will The World Counter China’.

Sandip Ghose: Former COO of Birla Corporation. Business leader with three decades of experience in senior leadership roles across industries.


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(Publisher : Pentagon Press, 2021)

‘Blinkers Off’ is uniquely positioned in the growing volume of literature pertaining to China, since it is neither focused on Sino-Indian relations, nor does it limit itself to the military domain. Instead, the book takes a bird’s eye view of the challenges China poses. Lucidly written and backed by numerous examples, the book is a ready reckoner to understand some of the most fundamental questions pertaining to China’s rise. How it grew so big, why is China’s rise a challenge and how can it be countered are key questions that the author answers in this book.

‘Blinkers Off’ captures China’s growth story, the time period from mid-1970s from when the West started giving concessions to the communist country. This rested on the hope that China would progress towards becoming a liberal democracy. The book decodes the impact that China’s rise has had on the geo-political landscape- both in Asia and the world. Ramifications of Xi Jinping’s attempt to create a formation comprising Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Russia to topple the existing world order has been explained in detail.

The book highlights how China has altered the dimensions of warfare. From just frigates and submarines, Xi Jinping has moved the theatre of confrontation to new age challenges like economic, cyber, outer space, under-sea cable connectivity and biological warfare. Since all these areas move beyond traditional geographical boundaries, it is imperative that a pushback against China is concerted, with most large nations coming together. The book provides a roadmap to address these concerns and brings forth the role that America and its partners and allies will play. Blinkers Off also highlights India’s geo-strategic and geo-economic role in any such global attempt to counter the China challenge.




The segment chronicles the rise of China. From buying strategic ports in Greece to owning cobalt mines in Africa, China now has access to crucial resources and has also made deep inroads into economically weaker nations. Besides economic leverage, China has also exerted its military might over smaller nations resulting in the present crisis in the Indo Pacific region. What started as a phenomenal economic journey that lifted the highest number of people out of poverty in the shortest time in human history has now transformed into a strategy towards changing the global order.


The segment details the difference in the present tensions between USA and China and the cold war between USA and erstwhile Russia. Unlike the cold war, where not every country was part of the power rivalry, the power play between China and America engulfs most nations and most geographies. The re-alignment of these equations with a China-led axis on one end and a US-led world order on the other end indicates a tectonic shift in geo-political landscape- one that is bound to lead to friction.


The coronavirus pandemic marked an end to China’s ability to further its geo political ambitions while maintaining its façade of a benign power. The pandemic ensured China’s façade of being a growth-focused, rules-abiding superpower fell. And with it the many notions of the globalized world.


China poses a threat in both military and non-military domain and will, thus, have to be countered accordingly. This segment presents a clear roadmap to ensure China is not able to weaponise its economic strength and global influence.



Gaurie Dwivedi is a seasoned journalist, columnist, author and a classical dancer.

She has worked in all major print and broadcast companies like Economic Times, Business Standard and The Sunday Guardian. With over 16 years of experience, Gaurie has covered a variety of issues ranging from public policy to diplomacy. She was part of the senior editorial team that launched ET Now- India’s leading channel.

She is presently associated with two major think tanks in India, the United Services Institution of India (USI) and India Foundation, where she has been working on issues related to strategic and security affairs. Besides these, she has recently begun writing for Gateway House, one of India’s premier think tanks focused on geo-economics and geo-technology. She has curated and moderated important discussions with Hudson Institute, RAND Corporations and several other think tanks on vital strategic and security issues.

‘Blinkers Off- How Will The World Counter China’ is Gaurie’s first book where she has identified the biggest strategic challenge facing the world and also provided a roadmap to address the same. She was inspired to write Blinkers Off due to the gap in present literature which has largely focused on the military dimensions of China’s threat and not adequately addressed the non-military dimensions of the threat. Gaurie hopes the book will serve as a catalyst to start a larger discussion in policy circles, academics and media for a 360 degree perspective on China.

Gaurie writes regular columns in the Times of India, Daily Pioneer and appears on several national channels.

Being a multi-faceted personality, Gaurie is also an artist and is recognised by Govt. of India’s Ministry of Culture as a classical dancer in their outstanding category.