America With Kerala

The U.S. Consulate General in Chennai, Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), Kochi and Kerala State Disaster Management Authority on Monday is organising a series of workshops and awareness building events to deliberate on Kerala’s disaster preparedness, management and resilience. The workshops are part of a project entitled “America with Kerala” which will be conducted in the three major cities of Kerala namely Thiruvananthapuram (June 24-26), Kochi (July 23-25), and Kozhikode to focus on sharing the U.S. and the Indian expertise on disaster preparedness, management, and resiliency.
The workshop will include the following programs:
A two-day workshop on Disaster Management, Preparedness and Resilience that will bring together approximately 40 participants including policy makers, bureaucrats, first responders, security officials, emergency management officials, health officials, and private and non-governmental stake holders.
A one day theme based workshop that will enable to give specific focus on the theme to the target group thereby rendering scope for further works in the specific area. The themes will be curriculum development (Thiruvananthapuram), Policy planning and infrastructure development (Kochi) and Community empowerment (Kozhikode)
Workshop Report

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