CPPR Academy is launching a fully funded Youth Leadership Fellowship (YLF) to develop future leaders who will inculcate the spirit of liberty and freedom in the political and economic spheres.20 young individuals between the age of 20-27 years will be provided this fully funded fellowship. 

Currently, the youth make up for below 35% of Kerala’s ageing workforce. This calls for increasing the focus towards strengthening the youth and helping them skill up to partake in the dialogue and work around the public policy sector. The youth of Kerala present an untapped potential for leading the way for development and change in the region. The YLF is geared to unlock this latent untapped potential of Kerala’s youth. 

The Fellowship will focus on teaching, training and skilling them. It will provide them the opportunity to train under a mentor, partake in matters of policy and politics, leverage CPPR’s platform to publish their writings, host webinars and podcasts. Through the fellowship, the fellows can make use of the opportunities which are otherwise offered to individuals working in think tanks and similar organisations, while upskilling themselves from individuals immersed in the policy, politics and corporate ecosystem.

      Experiential Learning

       Group Activities


       Case studies discussion

        Multidisciplinary Fellowship


          Skill building

         Work Opportunities 

          Online classes 

         Expert Masterclasses 

Timeline for the fellowship


  1. Nine months long fellowship
  2. Three, month long courses around knowledge and skill building spread throughout the fellowship. 
  3. The Fellowship will start in January and culminate by September 2023. 
  4. The course will be conducted in a hybrid mode. 
  5. Sessions will happen in person and online. 


Who is eligible for the fellowship


The Fellowship is on a scholarship basis for all 20 individuals from Kerala

The Fellowship is open to any youngster of Kerala between the ages of 20-27 years


The individuals could be pursuing or completed degrees in Economics, Sociology, Social Work, Political Science, International Relations, Psychology, law or any other field . 

The individuals could also be in between their degrees or working in related fields. 

What will the participants gain from the fellowship

Foundations of Leadership 

The participants will hear from inspiring instructors, guest speakers and lecturers, learn about leadership in action, be introduced to roles they can adopt as part of the change they want to bring, and explore the issues they are passionate about using brainstorming, deliberations and visual diagrams.

Plan to Action Journey

Learning the skill of project planning, understanding the importance of team management,networking, fundraising etc. to take their knowledge and make it into actionables. 

Acquiring practical knowledge in Politics and Policy

The participants with their skills will also acquire knowledge of how the society functions, the importance of Public Policy, the connection between economics, policy,  politics, international relations  etc. The aim is to expose them to real life case studies from different academic disciplines but in a non academic context. 

Regroup to Reflect and Realise

Each time the participants complete the one month-long courses held thrice through the 9 months period, they must take the time to sit back and reflect; connect what they have learnt in course modules, workshops and practical experiences to prepare for future leadership roles. 


The fellows will have access to select mentors who will guide them through the entire duration of the fellowship. 

The mentors will play a crucial role in helping the fellows put their skills to work not only during the fellowship but also after. 

Fellows will have a call every three weeks with their respective mentors about their action plans etc. They can use this opportunity to even collaborate with one another to bring out articles, papers, webinars, podcasts etc.

Opportunities beyond Fellowship

Participants will receive the YLF certificate on the completion of the fellowship. During the Fellowship we will offer the participants a chance to engage with the society in some form to start the conversation around Kerala’s spirit of liberty and freedom. 

Deserving participants will be provided with opportunities to pursue their career goals through jobs and internships. 


Abdulla Jalal

Professional Political Analyst, 

MA Political Science

“I Want to strengthen the district-level ecosystem and make it an inclusive and demand-driven one.”

Amal Chandra

Intern, Office of Dr Shashi Tharoor,

MA Political Science

” I want to build a career in research, public policy, governance, & politics to transform society to greater heights of wisdom, peace, liberty, & development.”

Alan Sam Abraham

Bachelors in Commerce

“I want to work for the society by developing effective policies that cater for the needs of all individuals irrespective of their gender, caste and class.”

Albin Siby

Pursuing BA, Political Science

“I want to incorporate best practices to STEM-based approaches into my domain of development studies.”

Deepa Prabha

Associate CSR and Partnership, Kites India

MA, Development Studies

“I want to bring in youth collectives working in Kerala.”

Cyril Sebastian p

Data Scientist, 

Pursuing MA Economics

“I Want to start an NGO to do economic research activities, economic modelling and implement economic plans for the upliftment of people.”

Anjitha Jose

MA, International Relations and Political Science

“I want to play a role in the state machineries to meet the contemporary demands and expectations.”

Nikita Mohan

Junior Associate, Legalease Solutions,

 BA LLB (Hons)

“I want to delve into the minds of policymakers and stakeholders.

Thana Hussain

Pursuing BA, Political Science

“I want to create a more productive and efficient economy with better jobs and educational opportunities.

Niranjana Biju

Pursuing LLB

I want to work towards positive impacts on lives and  also make the world a better place to live in.

Vinayakan Sajeev Beena

PGD, Applied Statistics, BA, Economics

“I want to be the next world-renowned policymaker economist, my hero, Gita Gopinath.

Jose Deepak T T

M.A,  International Relations and Political Science

I want to a relook into the Kerala model of development to create an inclusive society in order to unchain the new generation and their ideas.

Nathishia Rebecca Chandy

Pursuing LLB

I want  to master the art of problem-solving by translatingtheoretical knowledge to practical situations.

Gaurishankar S

B Tech, Mechanical Engineering

“I want to evaluate problems and policies on a comprehensive lens and find collaborative solutions .

Harsha Lal

Research Associate, Gujarat Institute of Developmental Research, 

MA Sociology

I want to work with  like-minded individuals who have high hopes for their country and also work towards meaningful development and progress.

N Afzal

Founding Partner and Project Implementation

Head, Zero to One, 

B Tech, Mechanical and Automobile Engineering

I want to work towards enhancing the capacity of youth by facilitating dialogues, sharing initiatives and practices,strengthening advocacy skills for the future.

Maneesha A

MA, Public Administration and Policy Studies

I want to make Kerala economy self-reliant & sustainable with adequate employment opportunities.