Workshop on Public Policy Communication


The one-day workshop will focus on policy communication. It will have thematic sessions to give a detailed overview on public policy making, evaluation and communication aspects. Thematic areas would include the reading on the public policy framework, the rule of law and role of markets. Sessions would be a mix of expert presentations, interactive sessions and group discussions. The goal of the course is to equip journalists with the tools they need to to distinguish between the intended and unintended consequences of policies that are usually overlooked by others. By honing their ability to investigate and reveal the root causes of problems, participants will develop a competitive advantage to their reporting. 

What objectives will the workshop achieve?

  • To deepen their understanding of key public policy making and understanding the challenges involved
  • To impart pragmatic guidance on the policy making process and improved skills for covering policy issues
  • To equip journalists with objective tools to understand and evaluate the intended, unintended and inadvertent consequences of policies
  • To facilitate informed reporting on public policy issues with evidence-based research

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is exclusively designed for journalists who have been covering social, political and economic challenges in Kerala and have deep interest in understanding the policy ecosystem of the State. Participation in the workshop is on invitation basis only. For any queries please write to [email protected]

DATE: 10th December, 2021