Indian diaspora has recently gained recognition among our policy makers and the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) is being observed as contribution of Overseas Indian community in the nation’s development since 2003. Further,Indian alumni are being encouraged to contribute to our universities through a Government of India Scheme called Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN). These are some efforts of diaspora engagement. There is a strong need to examine the process of knowledge and technology transfer through global experiences and how these can be contextualised through our policies in the social sector that will impact the way we productively engage with our diaspora. This paper will examine the challenges, policies and strategies for knowledge and technology transfer of our human capital that will help contributing towards nation building and developing a sustainable knowledge society.

(This paper was first published in April, 2019 on Research Gate)

Views expressed by the author are personal and need not reflect or represent the views of the Centre for Public Policy Research.

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