Centre for Public Policy Research offering internship opportunity based in Kochi under following categories


1. Academic Assistant (intern)

Min Qualification Required: Bachelors in Economics or finance

Job Description: Assist in data collection and analysis. Read and interpret data from various resources.

Pay: As per the qualification and the abilities

Duration: 10 months, those interested in part time job can also apply.

Skills: Fluency in data research, good reading habits and interested to know more about the current policy discussions.


2. Strategic Assistant  (Intern )

Min Qualification Required: MBA Finance or marketing

Job Description: Support in strategy making and preparing sales pitches

Pay: depends on qualification and abilities

Duration: 6 months

Any specific requirement: Interested in brand building, innovative marketing strategies and strategy building. Have basic understanding on the policy research


Interested candidates can apply along with CV to [email protected]

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