Certificate Course on Global Pandemics and Global Order

Course Description
Since the dawn of the 21st century, the world has witnessed some major developments which have redefined the world as we know it. Events such as the 9/11 attack on Twin Towers in America, subsequent declaration of Global War on Terror, Afghanistan invasion, Iraq War, Global Financial Meltdown, Arab Spring, Ebola Epidemics, Iran Nuclear Deal, Rise of China and most recently a global pandemic has changed the international system significantly.
It is in this context that the course on Global Pandemics and Global Order: Vistas of Transformation will help understand the international political system and the various interlinkages with which the whole world is knitted together. The COVID outbreak in particular has shattered the foundation of globalization. The various interlinkages and interdependence between the countries has taken a step back. The course will encompass topics such as International politics, globalization, global economy, pandemics, impact assessment among other things.
Course Objectives
  • To provide a concise and a quick perspective and acquaint the students of various backgrounds with various developments happening in the International Order and the Global Commons in the context of Global Pandemics and Global Crisis with regards to COVID-19 outbreak.
  • To elucidate a perspective of changing contexts of Global Order and the prospects and challenges evident, The US versus China Paramountcy contest
  • To give insights regarding the range of responses taken by governments across the globe in containing the virus and its implications for the global politics.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course you will have,
  • An in-depth understanding of international order as it has evolved during COVID-19.
  • Ability to analyse new geopolitical formulations across the world.
Course Units
Module 1
Introduction to Global Politics, International Order and Globalization

World in 21st century (major developments)

Impact of major developments on global politics and global economy

Module 2
COVID-19 outbreak and China

Global perceptions, role and responses

“The Thucydides Trap”; “The Kindleberger Trap” The Power Supremacy Struggles
and Outcomes between the America and China (Case Study)

Module 3
Impact assessment of COVID-19 on Global Politics and Global economy

Changing Dynamics of Geopolitics, Future of Globalization and Way forward

Application Process and Eligibility
All the mandatory categories in the application form must be filled in order for an application to be considered. Further details are provided in the application form. Your application will be considered only after we receive your application with payment.
Anyone can take this course, as long as you are able to attend all the webinars, complete the quiz and assignment on time.

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