CPPR undertook study for Civitas Consultancies and Liberal Youth Forum (LYF) in identifying the role of campus democracy in India by assessing campus politics in various colleges and universities in India. The Study was conducted in 78 colleges across India based on extensive surveys and interviews with various stakeholders. The study analysed the impact of J.M Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations on Campus Elections and Politics.

It is been almost four years since the Supreme Court gave the direction to implement Lyngdoh committee recommendation. CPPR attempted to observe the dynamics of student politics across the county face a deficit of young political leaders in a youthful nation.

 This study by Liberal Youth Forum (LYF) and Civitas Consultancy takes into consideration the various dimensions of the campus politics by analyzing the opinions of students, student leaders, student organizations, faculty, management and other stakeholders.

The study ensured a mixed representation of 78 higher educational institutions across 18 cities. We also attempted to have voices from private, aided, government and central universities specializing across disciplines: Arts, Science and Commerce, Law, Management, Engineering and Medical.

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