Public Policy Research: Methodology, Analysis & Evaluation
Course Description
The Public Policy Research course is a unique offering to the certificate course environment. Bringing together cutting edge policy frameworks in the broad fields of Governance, Policy Communication and Data evaluation. This course introduces participants to the political significance and societal consequences of policy and policymaking. While policies help accelerate the essential political processes, the curriculum is carefully designed to help participants not only to develop skills and knowledge to understand policy and methodology but to also monitor and evaluate public policy.

Course Objectives
  • To introduce participants to policy research and its main function areas- methodology, analysis, evaluation and communication.
  • To help participants equip themselves for an analysis approach to the making of policies.
  • To prepare participants in conducting policy research of any subject area with diverse requirements.
Course Benefits
By the end of the course you will have:
  • The ability to develop meaningful and sustainable solutions to the challenging situations in public affairs and governance.
  • An understanding of research methods which will help understand the impact of a particular policy, program or procedure.
  • A sound grounding advocacy of policies to inform the citizens of the existence of a policy and persuading them to participate in and/or comply with the policy requirements.
  • The skill to analyse evidence based policy which improves effectiveness of existing programs for further research and management
  • The capacity for project management where policy monitoring and evaluation will Promote learning and enhance policies’ efficiency and effectiveness.
Course Units
Session Resource person Timing
Introduction to Public Policy Research and Systems of governance
P. R. Devi Prasad, IES

14th August, 2021
02:30pm to 4pm
Research methodology and tools for policy research
Dr Sumeetha M

14th August, 2021
4:30pm to 6pm
Policy Communication
Meenuka Mathew

14th August, 2021
6:30pm to 8pm
Data collection and analysis for evidence based policy
Rahul V Kumar

15th August, 2021
2.30 pm to 4pm
Public Policy Research and Data
Rahul V Kumar

15th August, 2021
4.30 pm to 6pm
Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policy
Meenuka Mathew

15th August, 2021
6.30 pm to 8pm
P. R. Devi Prasad
From the Indian Economic Service (IES) of Government of India, a retired officer with an illustrious service of over 30 years (1982 to 2014). He was the Founding Director of Fiscal Policy Institute, Bengaluru, Government of Karnataka and had served as Advisor to Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund, Washington DC.
Rahul V. Kumar
Rahul V. Kumar is a Research Fellow (Market Economics) at CPPR. He is a postgraduate in Economics and has an MPhil in Applied Economics and International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi). He has been associated with CPPR for the last six years in different capacities. Before being a full-time consultant, Rahul was the Director (Research) at the Centre and has guided several projects for the centre.
Meenuka Mathew
Meenuka Mathew is a Teaching & Research for Intellectual Pursuit (TRIP) Fellow & Academic Tutor at Jindal School of Government & Public Policy, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU).
Dr Sumeetha M
Dr Sumeetha M is a trained economist with a PhD in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. Currently, she works as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the School of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Christ University, BGR Campus, Bengaluru.

Application Process and Eligibility
All the mandatory categories in the application form must be filled in order for an application to be considered. Further details are provided in the application form.
Anyone can take this course, as long as you are able to attend all the webinars.