Project: Model Shops and Establishment Act

Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) is conducting a study on the Model Shops and Establishments Act, approved by the Union Government in 2016. The Act aims to improve the working conditions of workers, create more job opportunities for women and provide a favourable environment for doing business.

S and E

CPPR intends to facilitate the speedy implementation of the Act in Kerala, including the relevant provisions of the Model Act, which would benefit shops and establishments. We plan to do it by working with the government and meeting the stakeholders, partners, and well-wishers. Discussion forums are being conducted for various stakeholders to harness a collective overview of their concerns, and preferences and the challenges they face.

Model Shops and Establishments Act in nutshell

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Cold Storages as Shops –A Game Changer?

by Madhu S

The Model Shops and Establishments(S & E) Act enacted by the Centre is touted to be a game changer in the retail sector. By allowing shops to be open 24/7 with flexibility in working hours, the move is presumed to create more job opportunities. Most importantly, it will reduce the complexities involved in engaging in retail businesses…Click to read more


 Tapping the Untapped Potential: More Opportunities for Women

By Sara John

The Model Shops and Establishment Act is a bold step taken by the Central Government purported to bring about a boost in employment generation. The Act falls under the category of concurrent list of the Constitution of India, wherein the Central Government and State Governments have the power to modify the labour laws..Click to read more