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Dr Joe Thomas Karackattu, director of ‘Guli’s Children’ interacting with the audience 0

‘Guli’s Children’ Screened at CPPR

Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) organised a screening of the film ‘Guli’s Children’ at its office on September 20, 2017. The film directed by Dr Joe Thomas Karackattu, an Assistant Professor at the...

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Retail 24X7: Here’s How India Can Get There

Written by Sara John* The Indian economy is striving to gain momentum having revived from the shock of demonetisation, and now taking on the challenges of the recently implemented goods and services tax (GST)....

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An Antidote to Kerala’s Medical Education

Written by D Dhanuraj and Deepthi Mary Mathew* Education is a burning topic in Kerala and professional education even more so. Irrespective of the party in power, every year, the State Assembly would witness...